This weekend I spent some time in th garden. I mowed the lawn(s) and pulled weeds. During the time I thought about what I would like my front yard to look like, but I also realized that getting rid of these weeds should be my first step in yard-rehabilitation. I checked out some books on gardening from the library, but reading just seemed like a waste of time: I had weeds to pull. I thought about gardening, and about the possible pleasures of gardening.

None of these pleasures is a reality for me yet, but I can imagine them 'growing' on me.

  1. Here I am, becoming better acquainted with HaShem's creation. This idea came from a book that I skimmed at the library but did not check out. The book quoted from Walden,, and Emerson wrote about "walking around" his country (I should have checked out the book to get this quotation right)w and that part of maturing into an adult involves this discovery that 'the world' isn't only something you find in books, but something that is immediate. I suppose the religious shadings are my own. I suspect that gardening might be a good time for prayer.

  2. A garden is like an empire building game. I have briefly enjoyed these sorts of computer games in the past, but I would grow bored of them after a week or two. Gardening is an empire-building game that play publicly, and I get to share my creation with my neighbors and family. It has endless variety, unlike the artificial computer versions, and must be more fulfilling.

  3. Gardening could be a creative outlet if I ever become skilled.

I don't know that I would really have applied myself this weekend if it weren't for writing here. The yard, and my responsibility there have been on my mind much more, I think, because of this writing. I wrote a little idea about reading a book about gardening, and this fleeting idea became an action in which J. made his first trip to the library.