Must I write today? I had to work late today, and am finally on my way home at 19:45. When I get home it will be time for me to go to bed. It's too bad I didn't get to eat my dinner. It's too bad I am such a whiner.

I had plans yesterday to 'make' time for gardening. That didn't happen because I had forgotten about the All-Star game, which I got to watch on TV with J. It isn't going to happen today because of my late day at work. It isn't going to happen tomorrow, either, because I have another long day at work. My priorities are still towards my employer. I am grateful to them for helping me support my family, and I take my responsibilities to them seriously. And I am incredibly lucky to live during a time where I can get paid to play around with computers.

Look, even when I'm not working I love to play around with computers! I've been thinking about moving this writing over to Google Plus, but I really enjoy using the software that runs this blog. The software is pretty geeky, and user friendly in the way I mean it: friendly in such a way that I can look under the hood and understand how it works.