In the month of June I drove to work. Now that we're in July, I'm back on the bus. The bus means I get some time to listen to my net-casts and maybe do some reading & writing.

Of greatest relevance here is my hope to increase the amount of writing I do. I've been a lurker. I have been online for a long time, but I primarily read what others are writing. When I was a young adolescent I participated in some pre-Internet online forums and when I think back on it I just cringe with embarrassment. I was particularly guilty of feeding trolls. When I understood what I was doing I got self conscious. I stopped writing.

Why write? I am afraid that not having practice writing equates to not having much practice thinking. Writing forces one to fully formulate thoughts and arguments. Embarrassment has had too much of a hold over me. I haven't wanted to speak for fear that I will show how foolish I really am. If I start to write here regularly I will write some foolish things, just because I don't have very much practice writing. Am I too old to grow up?

I want to improve my thinking. I will try to do that through improving my writing. Hopefully I will improve, but first I must stumble; I am just out of practice. The best I can hope for is that I continue stumbling, and the worst that can happen is I will retreat back into the ease of non-thinking, non-writing.

So here's hoping that I continue writing, at least for a little while.

I have started to notice one issue: I am getting motion sick writing here on the bus.